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The Third Age of Focus Groups

Introducing FV360 Live and FV Video Insights

The 360° camera was the big noise in tech for consumers in 2016, but what about its use in business?

By now most of us have witnessed the magic of the technology behind a Go-Pro video experience. Watching a flat screen turn into an action-packed experience, where technology translates into intense emotions, closeness and understanding. You are no longer an outsider looking in, but you are sitting right there in the middle of the action, in the hot seat, feeling the emotions of the characters and fearing the unexpected coming directly at you – placing you on the inside.

How about extending that experience to be right at the heart of a focus group? With FV360 Live, our most advanced video filming, screening and storing technology, we are pioneering a new generation of focus groups. We’re putting stakeholders in the middle of the action and providing moderators with the tools they need to form compelling, data-driven stories.

FV360 Live links to FV Video Insights, creating a multi-functional management system that uses interactive tools to bring the consumer’s voice to life and gain quality insight for confident decision making.

We’re calling it the third age of focus groups because we have overcome the challenges that research moderators have faced in the past. We’ve applied technology to refresh the two vital elements of groups – the viewing experience and the data management – and bundled these two pieces together under one platform. We’ve overcome two limitations of groups:

  1. The quality and positioning of video which previously failed to broadcast the energy, emotion and close-up views of respondents to observers in their true form.
  2. The large amount of data and video that is often too complex and too difficult to manage to tell a story.

Replicate the moderator’s experience to give viewers the hot seat

With FV360 Live, anyone can run a group and be right in the action, from anywhere in the world. The advanced technology behind our latest 360° focus group cameras allow viewers to see individual reactions up close, experience the emotion of the room, and feel the energy of the group. Brands, stakeholders and boardroom observers are no longer on the outside looking in. They’re right there – in the middle of the action as it unfolds. This technology empowers boardroom observers with the mind of a research moderator. It puts the brand decision makers in the hot seat.

See the story in the data

But it’s not only about the observers. Moderators also benefit greatly from FV360 Live and FV Video Insights, as they really help researchers clarify and find the story in the data. FV360 Live reveals facial expressions, captures every interaction, and exposes creative exercises such as drawing, collage creation and co-creation activities with levels of clarity previously unavailable. There are five cameras in the unit, at the base of all five mirrors. Although the cameras do get “all up in the face” of the participants to focus in on every facial expression, the participants would never know it. The cameras are very unobtrusive with minimal noise. This solves another industry challenge for moderators and their subjects – ensuring their participants are comfortable and relaxed.

Using video can mean hours of trawling through material. But these new tools simplify the process to help researchers uncover the stories that are often hidden beneath quantities of intricate footage. Having the film integrated into one single feed, means that you get one film, but one which still integrates the views and imagery from all participants. Access to our advanced content management tools offer integration points for easy clipping, stitching and sharing of stories. We’ve simplified transcriptions to allow easy text-based searches and highlighted clipping; this means less time spent searching and reporting and more time spent analyzing and crafting. You get to stunning story telling faster, and the impact of the videos is unparalleled.

Moderators can then share their findings with brands and stakeholders, distributing clips, images and final presentations in a highly digestible format.  This technology offers convenient access to archives of video data, saved on one platform, with keyword searches and more. At the click of a button you can create impactful video from each session to bring a brand to life. Security, another prominent issue in the industry, is refreshed with FV360 Live and FV Video Insights. The device includes a streaming encoder housed in a mobile unit, eliminating third party suppliers, so insight can be distributed securely and under one roof.

The value of focus groups is better than ever

So what does this mean for research and insights? It means fast and easy access to valuable, in-depth qualitative data to empower confidence and inform decision making. It means focus groups can go beyond their exiting parameters and right into the boardroom. Video is the most humanizing research artefact available, and now it’s easy to implement quickly and accurately.  There’s no better way to connect emotionally with an audience than through immersive focus group video – and brands are finally given the full effect.

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