Time to Perform – Behind the Scenes on a Study of Scale

Time to Perform - Behind the Scenes on a Study of Scale

Good or bad, we’ve all heard advice similar to the following at one point throughout our career: “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Or maybe, “Don’t over commit” or “Under-promise, over-deliver.”

2020 and the World had changed. The only thing we knew for certain about our culture was that everyone was suddenly in love with toilet paper. With such rapid change and a seemingly endless duration of lockdown in our future, questions from cultural organizations needed to be answered. What should they do? How will this impact lives? How are people even feeling about their culture and missing out on cultural activities? Audience research organization Slover Linett and cultural marketing agency LaPlaca Cohen set out to answer just that.

With Slover Linett and LaPlaca Cohen focusing on the why, FocusVision was brought in to focus on the how, and we were happy to do so. Excitement wasn’t isolated to just FocusVision however, with the original 50 participating organizations quickly growing to 650 in only a matter of days. With such a sudden influx of organizations (and in turn, participants,) it became clear that focus now needed to shift from simply being involved to additional proactive measures ensuring proper security, privacy, and server performance. “Don’t over commit” “Don’t bite off more than you can chew” – now was not the time for excuses – it was time to perform.

Knowing the scope that this effort would now entail, FocusVision took quick measures to ensure the right systems and processes were in place. The plan: support Slover Linett in their deployment of 2–Million invitations in rapid time. The unknown: user interest and response rate, but given the circumstances and topic, we knew it would be high.

Success would require careful coordination across multiple departments. FocusVision employed a team of 6 dedicated resources ranging from Site Reliability to Technical Support and Customer Success. Working with Slover Linett, FocusVision consulted on deployment and pacing strategies, ensuring data would come in quickly, but safely. Making no assumptions, and in addition to multiple layers of monitoring automation, FocusVision also employed 24/7 human monitoring of server performance, ensuring a seamless fielding experience. Once again, there could be no excuses. Nearly as quickly as the need arose, the study was complete. 124,000 responses across over 600 organizations.   Server or technology issues? There were none. But what good is data without actionable results? Perhaps that’s the best part of this story. Within just the first two weeks of reporting, our friends across the 600+ organizations were already making critical decisions about reopening timing, communication strategies, digital offerings, and safety protocols. An all-around success. To our friends at Slover Linett, LaPlaca Cohen and the rest, we thank you for your continued work in this space. And as long as there is a need, FocusVision will be there to help.

To read more about the research, read the case study: Understanding Culture – The Power of a Cross-Sector Collaborative Response to the COVID-19 Crisis.

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