We’ve Got Your Back: The Return of In-Person Focus Groups

We've Got Your Back: The Return of In-Person Focus Groups

The last 12 to 15 months has been seismic and still, we’re not completely through the effects of the pandemic. But it’s good to be able to write this, in the knowledge that after such a long time, we’re finally starting to see things open up in some places.

Over the last 15 months, FocusVision has had to adapt quickly. Like everyone else, the pandemic hit us hard. Thankfully, we were able to shift a lot of our business to digital with our InterVu product seeing a huge rise in usage. With new developments launching very soon, we expect to see InterVu continue to see big take up as we work through what is hopefully the pandemic endgame, and also with the new ways of working the pandemic has enforced.

Yet despite this, there’s always a necessity for face-to-face interviewing and focus groups. Our facility partners have worked wonders over the recent months to prepare themselves for the return of in-house focus groups and ensure they’re meeting strict Covid guidelines. This is mirrored with our response to gradually moving those who want to return to the office, back to the office; yet also being flexible and conscious of some of the anxieties our staff may have.

Therefore, to support you, like we’re supporting ourselves, we’re giving you the flexibility to help get back into facilities and stream focus groups and depth interviews. We’re calling it Project Restart. And by using ‘RESTART’ as a discount code in the booking form, you’ll receive a days streaming for just $750. But that’s not all. We recognize that things change. The pandemic has not left us yet, and should your focus group need to be shifted online, we’ll give you InterVu to run your focus group at no extra cost.

Whatever happens, rest assured that we’ve got your back and we’re in this together.

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