When Less Is More: Our Live Video Technology Just Got Smaller..& More Powerful

When FocusVision live-streamed the market’s first in-person focus group almost 30 years ago it changed how brands and their agencies could interact with customers. Anyone could observe the live sessions securely from anywhere in the world, making them faster and more efficient to schedule and analyze. I joined the business in 2001 and 18 years later the in-person conversations and the ability to view them remotely, remains just as valuable.

In the past, when I visit one of our partner’s focus group facilities, I’m reminded of the classic frame in every TV police drama where the detective presses ‘record’ on their tape machine, so the suspect –and the audience- know that everything they say from that point is about to go on the record. The tension in the air seems to prickle and the suspect deliberates on their answers.

These are the kind of moments that we want to minimize in market research where it’s key to build a fast rapport to help participants feel relaxed and open to share their thoughts and feelings with the moderator. This can be particularly important for in-person focus groups where the participants are in a strange facility for the first time, speaking to strangers about their lives, thoughts, habits, and opinions. In order to facilitate this openness, and further minimize any technology-influenced break in conversation flow, we’ve updated our video encoding hardware from this… to this

But there’s more to these compact boxes than merely decluttering the backroom of the testing facilities, the simpler design means far fewer possible points of failure which could impact a client’s live viewing or reviewing experience. Additional benefits include:

Enhanced image quality

The image quality has been enhanced from this… to this

…providing clearer video image quality, more scalable to bandwidth, for improved viewer experience and better evaluation of facial expressions and reactions.

Seamless automation

Our new video SmartStream Hardware Encoder streamlines sessions with plug and play set-up, auto-updating of software so you’re always ready to go-live, automated start/stop of video streams, and automatic control to provide the best quality video without the need for manual adjustments.

Over the next few months, we will be installing more and more SmartStream Hardware Encoders throughout our facility network across the globe. Eventually, all facilities worldwide that offer FocusVision will be streamlined with this technology. This is a very exciting time for our Live Video and the company, so join me in welcoming the star of the show “SmartStream Hardware Encoder!”

Want to see for yourself? Speak to our team about our Live Video facilities here.

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