You asked we listened: Announcing an Expanded Sample Marketplace

You asked we listened: Announcing an Expanded Sample Marketplace

Everyone likes full service. The luxury of sitting back (or for most of us, multitasking) while someone else takes care of a job. There are those services however that you often stop and think, " Do I really want to pay a fee for this? I’m the hands-on type – could I just bang it out myself, faster or possibly cheaper?" Things like cooking at home, self-service gas stations (sorry Oregon) or even self-checkout isles come to mind. But what would the experience be like if you only ever had one choice – if you could only cook one meal at home, or only had one option of grocery store or petrol station? Bland and boring, that’s what! Life (and believe it or not, even research) is bland and boring without options.

Late last year, FocusVision announced Sample Marketplace, a tool allowing the control-freak in all of us the ability to get even more hands-on with their data, all while saving you time and money in the process. Sample Marketplace gives you access to a number of sample providers right from FocusVision Decipher. Late night, and you owe reporting results in the morning? Or, just want the speed and convenience of seamlessly running your survey, purchasing sample and getting it fielded quickly? With Sample Marketplace and FocusVision Decipher, you can now complete the entire research process on your own – potentially even in the same sitting! Anything from scripting the survey to finding your own sample to creating your own reports and deliverables can be accomplished without ever leaving the FocusVision Decipher environment.

With over 500 projects and 125,000 respondents since its launch, Sample Marketplace is already off to an exciting start and delivering on our promise of quick and easy access to data. What is even more enjoyable are the stories of our customers. Stories of how Sample Marketplace allowed them to field an ’emergency-request’ study (haven’t we all been there?!) at the dead of night on a weekend. Stories of how it allowed them to top-off a project that had been struggling in field for days. My most fond example is a client who referred to it as their ‘ sample panic button.’

And now in August 2020, FocusVision is proud to announce the addition of three new providers as Branded Surveys, InnovateMR, and Market Cube join Lucid in the marketplace. This expansion doesn’t just bring vendor choice but also international capabilities, including the ability to speak to people in Brazil, Canada, Germany, and the UK. You wanted options; you got them! Choose the provider that best suits your feasibility or pricing needs. Better yet, choose multiple at the same time and get the job done even faster! Speed, flexibility, and control right at your fingertips. Interested? Contact a FocusVision representative today to learn more.

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