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At FocusVision we are in the business of Customer Truth, looking beyond the voice of the customer to understand their hearts and mind through our integrated research solutions.

We believe that a customer’s truth is the most powerful element that can be used by all business leaders to authentically understand, engage and connect with their customer. It provides the perspective of why they do what they do. How they think, feel, and act based on interacting with them holistically and understanding how and why you are making an impact in their lives. Customer Truth is what connects your story with your customer’s story. This is what we enable our clients to do every day.

We have empowered enterprise customers and research agencies around the globe to explore the world through their customer lens since 1992, when we were the first research technology business to live stream focus groups, making customer engagement more scalable, efficient, and accessible.

Today, we offer a complete suite of always-on software from online surveys to test brand and product awareness, webcam interviews and focus groups to uncover the motivations and emotions behind a person’s opinions and behaviors, through to understanding how products and causes impact a consumer’s lifestyle via social-media styled online communities, online bulletin boards, video diaries, point-of-sale display, and concept testing.

We combine comprehensive data collection solutions with centralized and secure video analytics, storage, and sharing platform so our clients can uncover their Customer Truth, without compromise.

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Trusted by 18 of the top 20 Fortune 100, all 10 of the top 10 healthcare and 10/10 of the top CPG companies.

Clients include Facebook, P&G, Microsoft, GM, eBay, Lilly, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Pfizer, Salesforce, IPSOS, 3M, L’Oreal, Universal Music, Comcast, and Walmart.

FocusVision won the 2018 MarTech Breakthrough Award for Outstanding Innovation in Customer Experience Management and the 2019 award for Marketing Automation Innovation.

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