Your data is secure

Make decisions based on data you can trust, and rest assured it will be there when you need it.

Secure and private

Standards matter. We protect all data to the standards demanded by the most highly regulated industries and countries in the world.

All data is encrypted through protocols such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL). All of our data centers are SSAE16 Type II SOC2 or ISO27001 certified, and we assess them every year through internal and external specialists.

Tested and approved:

  • EU-US Privacy Shield Certified
  • Swiss-US Privacy Shield Certified
  • EU Model Contract Clauses in all customer contracts
  • ISO27001 and ISO27001:2013 framework
  • Penetration testing based on OWASP10 guidelines
  • Additional national privacy laws and standards in place for multiple countries, including Russia, Germany and Japan

Securing your data

Everything is encrypted using the highest standard security protocols.

Strictly confidential

All data centers are SSAE16 Type II SOC2 or ISO27001 certified.

Ultimate protection

Penetration testing based on OWASP10 guidelines.

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