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FocusVision Decipher
Our programming team is always on the other end of the phone. You can get us to do the programming for you, rather than doing it for yourself.

When we help with the heavy lifting, you’ll have from eight to twelve people behind you: a client success manager, lead programmer, project managers and other programmers.

You can also easily migrate your trackers to Decipher. Just ask your project manager.

Launch in five steps:

  1. Start with a kick-off call to discuss the details with your project manager.
  2. We review the questions. And your programmer will work with quality control to figure out how long the process will take.
  3. We program the questionnaire. Your project manager will go over it to make sure everything is good to go.
  4. You get a survey link. This is your chance to check it over.
  5. Launch. Your survey is in the field.

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“At StubHub, it’s essential that we understand our customers to be able to create personalized experiences. Working with FocusVision, we were able to create different versions of our surveys for different audiences to be able to fully act on our customer segmentation data.”

Cara Maloney, Consumer Insights Manager, StubHub

FocusVision KinesisPanel
Customer communities are the beating heart of your business. Kinesis lets you effective recruit, manage and incentivize customer panels.

Your panelists, your brand, your web portal:

  • Build a site that works for your brand, and the people who interact with it.

Keep an eye on how customers are doing:

  • Make sure your community is active and happy.

Keep control of your finances:

  • Link up to third-party payments.

Not only do you get a powerful survey building tool but access to FocusVision’s incredibly fast team, who can customize your survey to meet your exact needs.

Michael Coffing, Coordinator/CAPI Author, Ameritest

Get help with digital qual & live video

FocusVision Revelation
Participants need the occasional nudge to answer your questions. Our Helping Hands service will remind them to answer on time.

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FocusVision Live Video
The most important thing here is to make sure the stream works. Our technical team will test everything, wherever you’re running it from, and keep an eye on the stream while it’s operating.

FocusVision Professional Services

FocusVision InterVu
Your dedicated project manager will guide you through the use of InterVu, so you get the most out of every feature. They will also make sure the room is set up exactly the way you want it.

FocusVision Professional Services

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