Never Miss a Twitch, Eyebrow Raise, Smile or Frown Again.

FV360 full-face-view camera puts focus group observers directly in the middle of the conversation, getting them closer to the heart of insight, and facilitating more effective decision making.

FV360 Live Global streaming service enables real-time access and collaboration for you, your teams and your clients. Increase engagement like never before, with an enhanced backroom experience that clarifies the entire group dynamic, including up-close facial expressions.

See the Future of Focus Groups


Now, all focus group observers can effectively be in the room, from anywhere in the world.

Indispensable, Integrated Focus Group Technology

Seamless integration with the FV Video Insights application (formerly 24tru) simplifies uploads and transcriptions, allows text based searches and fast, easy sharing of reports and insights.

For the first time ever, you can record, edit, report and share in-depth focus group insights from start to finish…all in one place. No other solution collects information on this scale.

Game-Changing Benefits

Internal Teams:

Get immediate, direct and compelling customer feedback for more effective decision-making.


Provide your clients with the most in-depth insights to reach mission-critical conclusions.


Deliver compelling stories to stakeholders to ensure optimal communication and decision-making.

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