The nuances of your industry affect your research

When you’re building a new car, you don’t use the same machinery as when you’re creating a new medicine. But you might manage your teams the same.

Likewise, you don’t approach research the same for every industry.
But you still need to manage those projects in a similar manner.

Pharma & Healthcare:
Is my drug safe?

This is one of our key markets.

We understand patient journeys, how to trial a new drug or review marketing. It’s where we started. It’s a cornerstone of our business, and we’ve been through some of the strictest compliance audits.

Technology: Is it clear to my users?

One of our first clients in 2002 was one of the global tech giants.
They’re still a client today.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG): What do people want?

Food, laundry detergent, diapers, make-up and everything in between.
We’ve helped with it all.

Agencies & Media: Is it effective?

Need to test a print ad or a magazine layout? Our software lets you turn the pages like the real thing.

Financial: Is my customers’ money safe?

Some of the most stringent financiers trust us to protect their research data.

Human Resources: Are my people happy?

We’ve helped all sizes and shapes of companies collect and share the voice and culture of their company.

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