FocusVision InterVu Online Focus Group and Live Webcam Interview Capabilities

Reach a broader, more diverse set of your customers and get to the heart of their truth in a matter of minutes by conducting powerful video interviews and online focus groups quickly and easily from your own office.

Connect. Engage. Discover.

Hearing from your customers is one thing, but seeing and speaking with them directly gets you closer to their world. FocusVision InterVu brings together advanced interview capabilities and online focus groups with hands-on services so you can get the most out of your conversations. With FocusVision InterVu, it’s easier than ever to tap the heart of your Customer Truth.

The online focus group solution trusted by industry leaders

Make the world a smaller place

Reach people, whenever, wherever, to capture meaningful feedback.

  • Run online focus groups.
  • Get an in-depth look at facial expressions and body language to see reactions and get direct feedback immediately.
  • Simplify the management of complex, multi-country studies.
  • 2-channel audio enables simultaneous translations.
  • Save your presentation structure for the next round(s) of interviews or focus groups.

All from the comfort of your home or office.

Flexible environments

Present stimuli, share screens, mark-up screens, run card sort exercises, polls and more in your online interviews and focus groups. Utilize virtual “breakout rooms” to ensure uninfluenced environments for individual exercises. Allow observers to watch live online focus groups where they can see group interactions and collaborate behind the scenes without being seen by participants. Mark important interview events in real-time, and quickly access them in archives for later use.

Always-on customer insights

Social media and technology actively impact customer experiences and opinions. Use online interviews and focus groups to act quickly and stay connected with your customers to understand sentiments; ask your employees what they think; or regularly meet with your beta testers or customer advisory board to pressure test new developments.

Leverage the power of an iterative insights approach

When taking an iterative approach, the questions asked evolve, adapt and change from one conversation to another, building layers of insight. FocusVision InterVu provides a webcam-based interview and focus group solution to go beyond traditional survey and online communities for such conversations. This allows for maximum flexibility, quick responses and continuing dialogues that deliver rich insights.

Discover more, for less

Cost-efficiently optimize your team’s time to access and analyze online focus groups, concept testing, crisis management and more…from any location, in real-time. Bring the research, and your Customer Truth, to the entire company for informed decision-making.

Enjoy full service, professional support

Ensure that focus group sessions start on time and eliminate the need to troubleshoot tech issues for you or your respondents.

We handle the technical heavy lifting to reduce risk and allow you to concentrate on your objectives.

FocusVision Professional Services

Put InterVu to work in many applications


Health, perception & loyalty assessment
Brand positioning


Usage & attitudes
Satisfaction reviews


Concept exploration
Product feedback

UX & Usability

Concept testing
Concept evaluation

Get always-on interview capabilities with FocusVision InterVu Now

InterVu Now is a light version of FocusVision’s industry-leading InterVu technology, leveraging more than two decades of live focus group and research best practices. InterVu Now makes it easier than ever to instantly tap the heart of customer perception, with no special software required. Just click then start your session.

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