FocusVision LiveVideo

Intelligent streaming solution that elevates in-person focus group experiences.

See and hear your customers, live

For remote viewing to captivate your team, it should have the same qualities of being there in person. With FocusVision Live Video, you can live-stream and record high-quality video from focus group facilities, ensuring that entire teams can see for themselves from across town or across the globe.

The live-streaming focus group solution trusted by industry leaders

Microsoft Eli Lilly and Company Focus Group Online survey insights without being limited to prefabricated templates

FocusVision Live Video

Collaborate more effectively

Create a virtual backroom environment for an unlimited number of team members to view the live focus group and discuss in real-time.

Use the chat feature to communicate with the moderator, probe for deeper insights, or easily change the course of sessions as they happen.

Taking control of compliance

Please, take note

‘Put a pin’ in important moments using the marking feature.

Never miss a moment

Never miss a moment

Need to take a break or miss a key statement? Relax! FocusVision records like a DVR, allowing you to pause and rewind. Your research is available for download with a variety of formats or to be shared with your entire team for better collaboration.

FocusVision Video Insights bring a suite of tools to your fingertips, allowing you to edit, analyze and share your findings. Quickly request a human transcription with only a few clicks.

We work where you work

With over 1,300 partner facilities in 60 countries, our ever-expanding network ensures we work wherever you choose to conduct your research.

Please, take note

Taking control of compliance

Respondent privacy is a cornerstone of market research, which is why FocusVision Live Video is equipped with tools to help you maintain it. Our compliance feature allows you to report PII (Personally Identifiable Information) quickly and easily, and help ensure your research is GDPR compliant.

With audio and video anonymization, FocusVision Live Video enables research to be conducted in markets with strict privacy regulations, without the fear of compromising respondent identity.

FocusVision FV360 focus group solution.


Giving you a seat at the table

With FocusVision Live Video 360, it’s truly as if you’re sitting at the table with your moderator and respondent(s). Be a part of the conversation by seeing reactions and expressions as if you’re in the room. FocusVision Live Video 360 offers you an unparalleled experience and opens the door to deeper insights and analysis.

Greenberg Strategy

FocusVision and Greenberg Strategy joined forces to launch a new qualitative approach: Double Take. This particular study explored attitudes, motivations, fears, and perspectives among different generations of IT decision-makers.

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Qualitative insights technology for many applications

Brand survey insights without being limited to prefabricated templates Focus Group Online


Brand health & perception
Segmentation & targeting

Decipher survey insights without being limited to prefabricated templates


Ad concept testing
Messaging testing

Customer Decipher survey insights without being limited to prefabricated templates Focus Group Online


Usage & attitudes
Satisfaction & loyalty

Product Decipher survey insights without being limited to prefabricated templates


Customer journey
Product development

Watch, listen and interact to your customers, live.

Live Video allows you, your team and all your stakeholders to be in the room with a focus group or interview, wherever you may be based. Featuring the highest quality audio and video streams and the option of our unique FV360 solution, you can open up a world of insight, analysis and reporting to make smarter decisions in half the time.

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