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A Revolutionary New Focus Group Experience Has Arrived

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Introducing FV360 Live, a breakthrough new system that dramatically increases the speed, collaboration and impact of qualitative insights and customer understanding. FV360 Live completely re-invents focus groups, by placing observers in the middle of the conversation, regardless of their location.

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Like Being in the Room

A fully-immersive video experience.

The FV360 camera places remote and onsite research observers in the center of the conversation, where expressions, emotions and non-verbal cues can be clearly witnessed and evaluated.

Real-Time Access for Backroom and Remote Observers

Collaborate from anywhere.

The FV360 camera signal feeds directly to a backroom monitor, giving in-person observers a “face to face” view of all respondents. On-site and remote observers can actively collaborate in real time using embedded chat, video markers and file sharing.

FV360 Live Global Streaming Service

Provides real-time access and collaboration for you, your teams and your clients. Both backroom and remote observers get full-face perspectives of all respondents.

Advanced Video Management with FV Video Insights

Easy clipping, video top-lines and collaboration.

FV360 interview video is directly uploaded to FV Video Insights, the industry’s most-advanced video management application. Video content can be rapidly transcribed for easy text-based search, video reporting and sharing of learnings with key stakeholders.

Rapid Insights Distribution

Frontline Teams: Provide them with insights that can directly impact the customer experience.

CxOs: Provide immediate, direct and compelling consumer feedback.

Moderators: Improve moderator experiences with easy access to video highlights and contextual video search.

Current and Pending Facilities

Experience FV360 Live technology in the following locations. More on the way.

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Chicago O’Hare
  • ConsuMed Research, Paris
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Iselin, New Jersey
  • New York City
  • Orlando
  • Passerelles Atelier, Paris
  • Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Bala Cynwyd
  • Phoenix
  • Research House Central London
  • Research House Wimbledon
  • San Francisco
  • Schmiedl Marktforschung, Berlin
  • Schmiedl Marktforschung, Frankfurt
  • Schmiedl Marktforschung, Munich
  • Fieldwork – Atlanta
  • Fieldwork – Boston
  • Fieldwork – Chicago – Downtown
  • Fieldwork – Chicago – O’Hare
  • Fieldwork – Chicago – Schaumburg
  • Fieldwork – Dallas
  • Fieldwork – Denver
  • Fieldwork – Fort Lee, New Jersey
  • Fieldwork – LA – Orange County
  • Fieldwork – Minneapolis
  • Fieldwork – Phoenix
  • Fieldwork – San Francisco
  • Fieldwork – Seattle Downtown

Other Facilities Include:

US Facilities

  • Ingather Research, Denver, Colorado
  • Murray Hill National, Dallas, Texas
  • Cunningham/Test America, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Advanced Focus, The Facility NYC, New York, New York
  • Focus Suites, New York, New York
  • Complete Research Connection, Columbus, Ohio
  • Mind the Gap, Portland
  • Strategic Research Associates, Spokane, Washington

International Facilities

  • The City Group Rooms, Sydney, Australia
  • Viewpoint, Melbourne, Australia
  • InCasa #2, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Sala de Pesquisa, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Puzzle, Paris, France
  • Elma Research, Milan, Italy
  • i-view, London, United Kingdom
  • Wyoming Studios, London, United Kingdom
  • Aspect Viewing Facilities, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Aspect Viewing Facilities, Stockport, United Kingdom

Experience Immersive Focus Group Video Technology with FV360 Live: