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ResearchReporter is a powerful, integrated research management platform that provides deeper insights to turn your research into a competitive advantage. View previous research, automate and streamline processes, and manage resources — including vendors and budgets — all in one place.

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Maximize Insights, Minimal Effort

ResearchReporter helps reduce project administration time by using online forms to avoid re-entering information, automating repetitive tasks and communications, and providing context-based access to past research and other resources.

Make Better Business Decisions

Put research at the heart of decision-making with ResearchReporter’s built-in metrics. Powerful reporting features help assess and increase ROI, and elevate your business with an integrated view of consumers, customers and markets.

Research at Your Fingertips

Integrated tools find and link previous research to ensure decision-makers always have fast access to relevant insights and information they need.

Integrated tools link previous research to ensure decision-makers always have access to relevant insights

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Research Management Software & Reporting: Part of the FocusVision Insights Platform

ResearchReporter is just one piece of FocusVision’s complete research platform. See how our products work together to create the most comprehensive Quant+Qual research solution available.

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