FocusVision ResearchReporter

A single solution to streamline and manage multiple projects with ease

All of your insights. All in one place.

FocusVision ResearchReporter is a powerful, integrated research management solution that leverages a deep understanding of market research processes and technologies. It allows you to access past research, automate and streamline workflow for current projects, and proactively manage resources, including costs, suppliers, teams and outputs. All in one place. The solution doesn’t require IT expertise to deploy, leaving you free to focus on generating the customer insights that drive your organization.

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research management solution research management solution research management solution research management solution

research management solution

Achieve common goals

Tailor the solution for your team and improve the effectiveness of future research by bringing new capabilities and best practices to light across your organization. Great for small teams and large enterprises alike.

Improve decision-making

Get an ever-expanding, curated view of customers, products, and markets. Alert decision-makers to relevant tactical data, discover new insights and find clues in past information.

research management solution

Reduce administration time

Capture information once, then reuse and apply it throughout the life of a project. Auto-created communications ease repetitive tasks and project approvals.

Centralize everything

Integrate all information associated with a project into a single system. You can also manage financials and customize project processes to match your organization’s requirements.

research management solution

Simplify data management

Easily control who can access your research. No software or IT resources required. Get immediate access to upgrades.

Extend capabilities

Safely and easily incorporate external content, creating a single search point for all project information. Set access controls to collaborate with industry partners and outside agencies.

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