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Revelation helps pro researchers capture deeper, more informed qualitative insights in less time than ever, through advanced technology that helps you get to the heart of the consumer. Capture in-the-moment behaviors, emotions and decisions that give you the insights you need…from innovation to development to in-market placement.

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Truly understand the key drivers behind what today’s consumers are looking for, what they want your products to do and why.

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Engaging Research Communities

Leverage familiar social media interfaces and behaviors.

The social-web inspired design of the Revelation platform enables easy and intuitive participant interaction. This creates more engaging, enjoyable and natural experiences, and delivers more robust qualitative insights.

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In-The-Moment Research

Activate mobile diaries and digital ethnographies.

Participants can take part in daily or weekly diaries, upload photos and document their lives and behaviors through day-in-the-life exercises, and more. You get in-the-moment insights, which are unfiltered and unprocessed by recall.

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Word Trees

Built-in text visualization.

Revelation’s unique Word Tree shows you what’s emerging in your text and lets you quickly see the full context of the sentence and full response. It’s embedded right in Revelation so you can leverage powerful filtering tools to dial in the text you want to look at by participant, activity, segment or tag to find your insights fast.

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NextGen Discussion Boards

A modern and responsive experience.

Give your participants the power to converse amongst themselves, while you gain even deeper insights on how they think and interact. Get ongoing feedback, as participants contribute over time, on their own schedule.

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Concept Canvas

Get instant feedback on a wide variety of stimuli.

Concept Canvas is a dynamic activity that enables instantaneous feedback on ads, concepts, packaging and more. Compare emotional sentiments across activities, at a glance, and generate heat maps to illustrate sentiment and response order.

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Pro Support Services

Exactly what you need, when you need it.

Sometimes you want to do it yourself. Sometimes you need a little help…or even a lot. Revelation has supported insights pros all over the world with Helping Hands services, recruitment, translations and collaborative input.

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Pro support services

Immerse yourself in the consumer experience like never before with Revelation

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Revelation at Work

Download free case studies, white papers and other resources that showcase how Revelation is driving qualitative research success around the world.


Childhood Obesity in Latin America: Understanding Context, Reasons and Behaviors through Qual and Quant Research

Albar Research and FocusVision joined forces to conduct a blended Quantitative and Qualitative study to understand the issues related to childhood obesity.

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Case Study

Using Mobile Digital Qual to Hack the Snack Aisle

Learn how FocusVision and market research firm Fresh Intelligence utilized mobile research technology to uncover insights that can help brands increase shopping frequency and convert more shoppers into buyers.

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Case Study

Avon Partners with FocusVision to Investigate the Emotional Impact of Cosmetics among Latin American Women

Cosmetic giant Avon tapped FocusVision to study Latin American consumers, including the design of a quantitative+qualitative research approach to present a unified view of the target consumer.

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