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Being All In: How Insights Can Help Brands Hit the Right Note When Supporting Causes

It’s long been recognized that brands need to identify and operate by their ‘greater purpose’; to stand for something beyond their immediate functional benefits. For some brands, this is ingrained in their DNA and it fuels each move they make (think Patagonia and The Body Shop). For others, it may be on a smaller scale, championing causes at varying levels from local ads to large national sponsorships. When it comes to socially charged causes, the waters can be challenging to navigate – how to support without offending.

Given this backdrop, we wondered how brands have been navigating causes around diversity and inclusion; specifically showing support for the LGBTQ community. So we asked. We spoke to 1,500 people across the US to explore their feelings on LGBTQ in advertising, whether brands were doing an appropriate job representing the community and how this impacted their purchasing decisions. Join us to hear what we learned, both around consumer sentiment as well as the role of insights in helping brands hit the right note.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The results of our recent study into LGBTQ representation within advertising
  • Implications for brands as they look to support a social cause
  • A reflexive look at our study and what we’d do differently next time around

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