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Beyond Big Data: Why Small Data Integration Is the Key to CXM Success

In today’s data-driven economy, as companies race to understand the customer, we’re experiencing more change in the way we do business than in any other time in history. However, despite access to more customer data than ever, only 23% believe their organization understands why its customers act the way they do.
According to a new study by Harvard Business Review Analytical Services commissioned by FocusVision, companies that are integrating and using Big and Small Data are achieving business goals all the others are striving for– revenue growth, profitability, the successful introduction of new products and services, and operational efficiencies. But those “Leaders” only account for 15% of the study respondents. The rest of the companies admit to having data issues hindering their ability to create customer experience that pay dividends.

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Find Out What You Should be Doing to Achieve Effective Integration of Big and Small Data

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services
  • What nearly all respondents (98%) said stands in their way of effective customer experience management
  • Why integrating Big and Small Data is the key to understanding how your customers think, feel and act and to creating relevant customer experiences
  • How “leaders” have improved customer satisfaction and retention (84%), new product/service innovations (54%), maintaining competitiveness (51%) and revenue growth from existing products (50%)
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