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What is Dapresy?

Dapresy is a global leader in data visualization and online reporting for the market research and customer experience industry. Our SaaS platform – Dapresy – allows users to create their own interactive dashboards for customer experience feedback, brand and awareness tracking studies, syndicated tracking and large ad hoc research studies.

Dapresy provides a user-friendly, dynamic way to design and deliver highly visual and engaging dashboard reports to the right people at the right time within an enterprise. Our infographic storytelling capabilities make data appealing and intuitive, as well as actionable and memorable. Combine these with our fully integrated modules for data processing, statistics and analysis, cross tabs and closed-loop feedback, and you have one powerful platform.

Our Powerful Platform

Our Powerful Platform

1. Easily connect data sources

Dapresy easily integrates your market research survey data and other information sources. What makes it different from BI plaforms is that the software can inherently read raw market research data. It works with all the major formats such as SPSS and Triple-S, and has integrations with the most popular data collection platforms.

2. Configure with rich functionality

Inside the software there is a rich suite of functions to manage both meta data and data processing (weighting, computing of variables, index calculations). An added benefit is that your dashboard reports will automatically refresh themselves with any new wave of data, allowing instant access to real-time information. There is no need to pre-aggregate any numbers in Dapresy since the dashboard graphics are calculated immediately.

For more data-driven analysis, dynamic filtering allows for numerous views of the data from a small set of key metrics. If the drill down pages and dynamic filters are not enough, there are also built-in chart and table tools that are used to run the data requests on the fly, allowing analysis down to the raw data level.

For Customer Experience Management (CX), you can build in action alerts with the Dapresy’s Enfesys™ Module, a fully functional closed-look feedback management system seamlessly integrated within Dapresy.

3. Visualize to engage and inspire

There is no other solution on the market that allows you to transform complex survey data into intuitive and engaging infographic reporting dashboards. Dapresy is perfect for brand health and customer experience tracking. Show cause and effect relationships, map a customer purchase journey and create effective drill downs for local teams or markets.

Dapresy uses a drag & drop building environment with no programming required to enable you to easily create dynamic dashboards. With our free-form visual architecture, you can easily move infographics around, and the data will follow. This saves you time and provides you with the flexibility you need to keep your users engaged and your insights relevant.

4. Deliver insights to everyone

Easily distribute information across your organization via laptop, tablet or mobile. Dapresy has all the necessary controls you need to manage exactly what each user can see and do.

One of the core features of Dapresy is its dynamic filtering that allows for hundreds of views of data from a small set of key metrics slides. With our solutions, you can develop the proper filters that will potentially handle 99% of ad hoc data requests. Of course, if there are requests outside the scope of the filters, the table or chart tool can be used to quickly run the requested data on the fly

Flexibility and Choice

Researchers are looking to move beyond traditional methods of reporting, and have been disappointed with the inability of various business intelligence tools to natively and easily handle market research data. Whatever your delivery method, Dapresy offers the flexibility you need.

  • Online Dashboards – Interactive visual storytelling with dynamic filters and drill down capabilities eliminates versioning issues that are common in PPT and allows you to efficiently distribute insights.
  • PPT Exports – For some applications, PPT is the preffered delivery method. Users can select specific insights via dynamic filtering and download for their own use.
  • Cross Table Tool – Clients benefit from our easy to use Table Tool and export feature. No need to have multiple software license – Dapresy can do it all!

Dapresy is the clear choice for today’s market research and customer experience professional. If you’d like to hear more about how we can put our software platform to work for your organization, then e-mail info@dapresy.com today.

Researchers are looking to move beyond traditional methods of reporting

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