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Behind every statistic, number or findings are real people. Data tells you what they’re doing, but you must dig deeper to find out why.

FocusVision Revelation lets you capture in-the-moment insights with mobile diaries, manage engaged communities through a centralized hub and get instant feedback on a variety of stimuli with concept canvas.

Digital Qual - Get the Opinions
FocusVision Revelation - Online qualitative research

The Ultimate Customer Insight Tool

FocusVision Revelation makes qualitative research as simple as social media interaction. This is directly in-line with today’s culture, who naturally communicates via social using their mobile devices.

Start discussions:

  • Let your customers post and comment on a live feed, just like social media.

Get instant feedback:

  • Post your latest ads, concepts or packaging to see what people really think and feel about them.

Get live updates:

  • Send people activities to create daily or weekly diaries.

Bring your community together:

  • Interact with a sample of your key customers through a single, virtual hub.

Find the most common phrases:

  • Search for words and view a ‘word tree’ of related comments.
Case Study

Bottoms Up: How Digital Qual Helped Pampers Re-Evaluate Diaper Sizing

Learn how digital qualitative research with FocusVision Reveleation helped Procter & Gamble hold onto its customers by understanding a tricky sizing issue.

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