FocusVision Revelation Professional Services Offerings

FocusVision Revelation helps researchers and marketers capture deeper, in the moment insights through a user friendly and engaging platform. It’s the best solution for mobile diaries, insight communities, concept tests and bulletin board discussions. With our Professional Services, you also get the benefit of our dedicated team to help set up your project and manage your participants.

A dedicated project manager is assigned shortly after your project set up is booked. The project manager will start with a 30-minute project kick off call to discuss time lines, expectations, and general logistics.

Following the initial kick off call, your project manager will schedule a Researcher training session and an Observer training session to bring you up-to-speed with using FocusVision Revelation. Once you’ve provided the Activity Guide, the PM will review and offer feedback and suggestions before the final programming of the study.

Once the project is ready to launch, the participants profiles will be uploaded, and invitation emails scheduled.

Should you require technical assistance, our Technical Support team is available 24 hours a day during weekdays, and 10am-6pm EDT on weekends and holidays.

You can contact them at:

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