Have Your Story Straight?

Why Brand Message Dilution Hurts in the Experience Economy

The Cost of Brand Dilution Cannot Be Ignored

The value of getting it right is estimated to represent a $10M+ revenue boost for enterprise companies.

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Have Your Story Straight? Why Brand Message Dilution Hurts In The Experience Economy

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Crafting the Brand Story: Not all Companies Fully Leverage Customer Insight

Customer research is widely used in organizations, but many companies do not fully leverage it to properly craft and execute their brand message.

The Brand Story is Getting Diluted Internally

Marketers lack confidence that their story can be told consistently when it leaves their office.

The Cost of Dilution is Huge

Nearly two-thirds of respondents estimate the value of a consistent message at $10MM or more annually.

Speed is a Complicating Factor

The rate of introduction of new products, services, promotions, and campaigns makes alignment even harder, with more than half of companies launching products on at least a quarterly basis.

Marketers Need a New Way

The ways marketers are mobilizing their teams are outdated. Just as their external marketing has gotten more dynamic, their internal mechanisms need to catch up.

Find Out What Works

Understand what enterprise companies are doing to achieve brand alignment across their entire organization:

  • Why is brand story consistency so hard to achieve?
  • How do they use customer research?
  • How do they build the company culture that lives and breathes the narrative message?
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Although Marketing has it figured out and is well versed, the rest of the company has a low adoption/awareness level of our brand story.


The company is a collection of divisions and acquisitions that are not centrally managed.


Our story is brand new. It’s an evolving message. Employees can talk about products, but the brand story is a bit longer and harder.

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