Make It Stick: Video Storytelling For Insight Impact

Most organizations today seek to be aligned against customer-centric goals. Customer insights play a key role in identifying issues and possible solutions to meeting these goals. As such, research findings need to deliver an immediate impact to the C-Suite. However, this can be challenging. The time-strapped audience often speeds through the material and the message can get lost. This is where video storytelling can deliver the breakthrough moment. Stories, according to an HBR article, “create ‘sticky’ memories by attaching emotions to things that happen”. Video is a powerful way to create those stick memories. Seeing faces, hearing voices and understanding emotions creates a different level of connection and empathy. Today, there are multiple sources of video data available and technology makes it easier to harness. In this session, we’ll discuss 5 practical considerations when using video to bring your data to life in a compelling and impactful way.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • What storytelling means in the context of research reports
  • The power of video to connect stakeholders with the issues and possible solutions
  • 5 tips when incorporating video into your presentations

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