Outgrown Your Current Survey Provider?

FocusVision Decipher enables you to build your surveys, your way; helping you get closer to your customers and understanding how they think, feel and act. FocusVision helps you understand your Customer Truth enabling superior customer experience. We offer a quick, easy and cost-effective solution for transitioning survey software from another provider. A streamlined process ensuring you go from simple to sophisticated surveys without compromise.

Q. Will I incur extra costs when migrating to a new platform? A. With our smooth transition program, you’ll pay no extra licensing costs until your existing Qualtrics software contract expires. In the meantime, you can immediately use FocusVision Decipher to field up to the number of completes guaranteed in your current Qualtrics contract.

Q. Can you assist with training and set-up? A. Yes! We offer a range of services to ensure your experience of FocusVision Decipher lives up to expectations. You’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager for consultation, a complete onboarding curriculum comprising of video tutorials, access to our knowledge base, assistance with importing surveys into Decipher as well as instructions on using FocusVision Decipher templates, importing surveys from Microsoft WordTM or building your survey from scratch.

Q. Do you provide a dedicated server? A. For an additional cost, we can set up a dedicated server and provide 24/7 technical support.

Q. Is there a minimum contract period? A. Following any transition period, the contract will be for a minimum 12 month license. For example, your current Qualtrics license expires on March 1st 2022 and you have a minimum purchase of 10,000 completes per month. During transition, you can field up to 10,000 completes on Decipher free of charge and after March 1st, you’d move to a 12-month license with Decipher.

What does FocusVision Decipher offer that Qualtrics can’t?

Decipher Qualtrics
Advanced, custom reporting and analytics tools
Easy to use UI for enhanced programming productivity
Supports high complexity studies – powerful, no limitations platform
Unlimited platform and seat access
Mobile friendly, mobile first responsive design
Expert programming staff (can support work overflow / custom development)
Automated survey creation from Microsoft Word™
Library of Pre-Programmed survey templates

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