Platform Migration Services

Switching survey and reporting providers has never been easier

Changing programming platforms does not have to be a daunting task. Choose the best platform for your business and let FocusVision help with the heavy lifting. We offer several ways to aid in migration, each one tailored to your specific needs. Speak to your account contact today to schedule a free migration review.

Platform Migration Services

How Easy Is It to Change?

Put simply, we can help as much or as little as you’d like. FocusVision works with you every step of the way to identify what needs to be transitioned, when, and how that will happen. Bandwidth can put the brakes on efforts to move to a superior survey platform. FocusVision offers a scalable service that reacts to your needs. We can accommodate or support any project work that you require, for example, if you’re migrating all your surveys over to FocusVision Decipher.

Platform Migration Services

What about training?

Everyone’s levels and experience are different. FocusVision works directly with you to build a customized curriculum, for all areas of your business. It’s more than just the training on how to use the platform, FocusVision helps your entire business reap the rewards of our quality survey solutions. We consider ourselves to be a value added member of your team, and we’re with you throughout the duration of our relationship. A research platform is a critical part of a company’s ongoing strategy, and we’re here to ensure you’re not only getting the best out of our platform, but also the best service.

Platform Migration Services

I have lots of old projects that need safe and secure data storage, can I transition these too?

Of course. We recognize the importance of historical data and we can be trusted to store your data securely. We’ve helped multiple clients migrate projects and we can help identify key data for on-going analysis. Once again, we’re happy to leave this process to you or we can take on as much of this as you require.

We at LinkedIn have realized cost savings, timing improvements, streamlined project comparisons, easy and consistent data accessibility, expansions of online data collection best practices and many other benefits.

—Nil Adiguzel,
Research Operations
Manager, LinkedIn

Platform Migration Services

Can I still report on those projects?

Absolutely. While you may not need to actively field projects, it’s not uncommon to get questions you’d like to quickly address with historical data. When data is imported, you can use our powerful cross-tab tools to analyze, mine and visualize the data even though it was collected on another platform. FocusVision will advise on the correct way to upload such data and offer cost effective, speedy ways to do this. This is one of key parts of our review call which you can book with your account contact today.

Platform Migration Services

This sounds great, but I’m worried about my ongoing projects and trackers, won’t migration render past data unreliable?

This is a common concern, and one we navigate with customers all the time. We have a wealth of experience on proper tracker migration techniques ensuring migration can be achieved without harming data integrity. As always, we can handle as much of the migration process as you require, involving hands on help, side by side walk throughs or advanced training. For trackers and ongoing projects, we will explain how to best run parallel studies and how to handle the cut over to minimize any possible disruption to ongoing research.

Platform Migration Services

What’s the next steps?

The first step is a free, value added consultation to understand the makeup of your research practice and to understand your current business process. We will then work with you to create a tailored project plan, customized curriculum and support plan including timeframes and realistic go-live dates. This plan is something you can execute with our help or without, but should offer a valuable perspective either way.

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